Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Well season is all over.
November the market ended and we switch to getting things together for our Annual Christmas Open House
So after the fields were cleaned up and put to rest,greenhouse shutdown for winter,we prepared
our jams, jellies along with the vinegars and flavored oils for the open house.On the other hand we made our body products like soaps,bath bombs and our bath bomb cupcakes.
open house was on Dec 4 & 5  and turn out was good.So we will try and keep everyone informed what it is we are doing here on the farm.We are still selling products from our store so watch for the open sign to say we are ready for business

Sunday, 9 October 2016

quick note

well here it is Thanksgiving week end
farm is all harvested ,just picking the apples now
had friend at work put us on Instagram
now just have to figure out how to link the two.

now getting ready to finish market ,still 4 weeks to go
been bring our body products to market this year
lip balms,bath bombs
soaps,floral water
bath salts

stay tunes  will let everyone know when our Christmas open house will be

Sunday, 26 June 2016

well close to end of June
weather is hot and humid ,watering like crazy to keep crop alive, hoping for an all day soft rain.
Sprucing up the farm for the Bus Tour  at the end of July from Enviromental Hamilton

Sunday, 12 June 2016

cannot believe it is almost mid June.
Hamilton Farmers Markets has been opened now for 3 weeks
Fields have been worked  and mostly planted.
have been using instagram this year to advertise the farm .
check it out at tremblingaspensherbfarm

Monday, 9 May 2016

well may is here, still  a little cool with temperatures. greenhouse is being planted with herbs and vegetables.
in a war right now with field mice ,who figure the greenhouse is their restaurant , feeding well on all the seeds. Time to roll up the sleeves to see who wins.
Markets are starting up again this year. Hamilton Mountain Market opens on May 14th.
Binbrook opens on May 28th.
store on the farm will be opened alternate days again this year. road sign will be up on the days we are opened.
Well have to get ready for market and make some fresh products.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

well into a new year.
getting ready to start up the greenhouse for this years crop.
New this year  will be planting a large amount of Lavender  ,this is Susan's
hoping to have a lavender Festival in mid summer.
Also this year again we will be planting and processing the worlds hottest peppers for sale, hot sauces  and pepper mash.

will be in the 2 Farmers Market again this year
Hamilton Mountain Market ,located on Viewpoin and mountain Brow near the Juravinski Hospital.
Also  the Binbrook Farmers Market located in Binbrook  on the fairgrounds.

Will also be selling off the Farm all our products and Free Run Eggs.